Messages for the Mayor

Durational year long performance art project at the Park Slope YMCA where former New York City Mayor, Bill DeBlasio routinely exercised during his eight years in office and where I am a member. After several failed attempts to discuss municipal policies related to climate justice and education funding with the mayor, I conceived of #messagesforthemayor.

From February 2019-March 2020, I visited the YMCA daily and performed #messagesforthemayor whenever I observed DeBlasio’s security detail parked outside. Messages were printed on custom silkscreened T-shirts and related to failed policy initiatives. I “delivered” them while exercising on whatever machine was directly in front of the mayor (usually the treadmill while the mayor did calisthenics or the stairmaster while the mayor rode slowly on a stationary bicycle). These performances were silent and not documented in process since photography is prohibited in the Park Slope YMCA cardio room.