No Gowanus Rezone

Series of performative direct action and community outreach campaigns conducted from 2019-2021 in resistance to the New York City Department of City Planning proposal to upzone Gowanus and build high density housing in a FEMA A flood zone abutting a superfund site. Land use struggle captured in Gowanus Rezoning: Done Deal or Pipe Dream? a new documentary by Lyuwei Chen

Café Rezone

Pop-up satirical performances conducted in February and March 2021 to highlight environmental issues in Gowanus, raise community awareness about the rezoning proposal, and draw attention to real estate speculation and developer tax subsidies. Featuring terrible people, inedible food, and underpaid waiters. Additional photographs by Eric McGregor. Write up in local blog.

Biodiversity Day Celebration

Celebration of Biodiversity Day with Reverend Billy and the Stop Shopping Choir,  Voice of Gowanus, and Gowanus Artists In Alliance. This May 2021 event included real mermaids and a live musical performances on the banks of our favorite superFUN Superfund site. Attendees were invited to share their favorite stories about Gowanus, a former marsh that is still home to birds, plants, fish, and people.

Land Use (un)Hearings in Gowanus

Performances and protests conducted at, prior to, and during community hearings about the Gowanus Rezone at Washington Park and Borough Hall accompanied by the punk band Resistance Company and at the intersection of 4th avenue and Union Street during the final City Council land use hearing (in swimwear).