Land Use Intervention Library

Subversion is a pact with the future. –Edmond Jabès 

In fall 2021, I worked with artists, musicians, ecologists, and activists to create a series of encounters at the Last Street End in Gowanus with access to the Gowanus canal. Material produced by participants and collaborators during each of the Last Street End encounters are integrated into the Land Use Intervention Library, whose boundaries and form are unstable.

Library install at Carroll Street Bridge

The library existed temporarily as an installation and public performance accompanied by a live musical score on October 29, 2022 and permanently as a handmade catalog, an edited film, and collection of ephemera. The installation and performance of Land Use Intervention Library happened in Gowanus at two sites that are in the process of redeveloped after the passage of a 2021 municipal neighborhood rezoning plan. Participants including performers and audience members who engage with the Land Use Intervention Library in its iteration as a performance are incorporated into the Land Use Intervention Library film.

In 2023 the Land Use Intervention Library film will be screened for a public audience after the already altered landscape where it was performed is further transformed.

Collaborators: Lucas Kane, Ray Achan, Nora Almeida, Christopher Bisram, Savitri d, andrea haenggi, Gerard Luna, Martin Bisi, Lawry Zilmrah, Lindsay Tuttle, Bobby Bunny, Dom Cipolla, Iki Nakagawa, Bill Zeman, Interference Archive. Made possible by the Puffin Foundation.

Video Credit: Iki Nakagawa, 2022

Images from Land Use Intervention Library [performance] by Gaby Lopèz Dena