Last Street End

A series of four public encounters conducted at the last street end with water access to the Gowanus Canal in Fall 2021. Each encounter involved transforming an ecologically disturbed and contested public space through “use” other than those intended by public officials. Documentation produced by participants during / through each of the encounters will be integrated into The Land Use Intervention Library. Supported by the Social Practice CUNY 2021 fellowship.

Video from encounter four shot by the artist Chris Jordon

Collaborators: Interference Archive; Shoestring Press; Simone Johnson, water artist and performer; andrea haenggi, dance-based interdisciplinary artist and ethnochoreobotanographer; Rachel Cole, multimedia artist; Jacquelyn Marie Shannon, Butoh dancer and performance artist; Lucas Kane, theater maker; DJ; and musicians: Martin Bisi (producer, Sonic Youth), Ego Sensation (White Hills), Bradford Reed, Lawry Zilmrah, Bobby Bunny, and Stephen Moses.

Selected images from encounters. Some images contributed by participants.